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Constance Clinton is Heading Home – With Your Help!

 FOR RELEASE     March 23, 2011

Contact: Karen “Kind Essence” Thompson: 856-287-7070
Phoebe Jones, Every Mother is a Working Mother Network,  215-848-1120  

Forced to stay in a nursing home by a court-appointed guardian,
an 85 year old woman’s niece wins the right to bring her home.


Constance Clinton is heading home.  After an eight month battle led by her niece and caregiver, Karen Thompson, to stop her being institutionalized in a nursing home for life – and  the sale of her home to pay for it – a February 8 Orphans Court ruling reversed course, allowing Ms. Clinton to return to her Wynnefield home, once some repairs were made.  Friends, family, neighbors and supporters all pitched in to clean, paint, and supplement the work done by contractors and electricians who donated some of their time in order to meet the deadline set by the court for the work to be done.  On Friday March 18 they passed round one.  The guardian came out to the home to inspect.  The major repairs were done.  Now he has given a deadline of March 31 to make the house move-in ready.   With little choice for the family but to comply with this demand, see how you can help to make this happen and to stop the run-around.


LOS ANGELES Mothers March – March 12

Date: Saturday, 12 March 2011 – 11:00am – 2:30pm

Location: outside DCFS office 425 Shatto Place, LA 90020 March to MacArthur Park


Gather 11am outside DCFS office 425 Shatto Place, LA 90020 March to MacArthur Park; rally; music; poetry; food; rides for those unable to march; translation. 
All welcome!
Invest in caring not killing


Why a Mothers March? Because:

  • Mothers produce and care for the world’s people, while war & profit destroy us and our planet.
  • The contribution of mothers, grandmothers & other caregivers to survival is unrecognized, unpaid or low paid, whether we care for children, vets, older people, people with disabilities…
  • Resources go to weapons of war and banks instead of to caregivers, healthy food, decent housing, health care, education, pay equity, care of Mother Earth.
  • The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) discounts mother & other family bonds, takes children unjustly and places them with strangers. But children who need this protection don’t get it.
  • Immigration laws tear children from their mothers.
  • Our children who are LGBTQ are persecuted & denied civil rights.
  • Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives are central to campaigns against criminalization and racial and economic profiling
  • We’re being robbed of benefits, services, wages that our work & taxes have paid for
  • Everywhere people are risking their lives to bring change – from Palestine to Egypt, Haiti to Mexico, the Philippines to Kenya … 

      Marches in: England, Guyana, Haiti, India, Italy, Peru, US (Milwaukee, Philadelphia, San Francisco), Venezuela
                           KPFK is the Media Sponsor

Coordinated by Mothers March Planning Group/SoCal: Alexandria House; CALIF; California Partnership; DCFS-Give Us Back Our Children; Every Mother is a Working Mother; Military Families Speak Out; Veterans For Peace; Global Women’s Strike/LA; South Central Farmers; Women of Color/GWS. Co-sponsors to date: All of Us or None; Susan Burton, A New Way of Life; Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of LA (CHIRLA); Eastside Café; Frank Dorrel, Publisher Addicted to War; Hunger Action; Long Beach Area Peace Network; Office of the Americas; Orange County Peace Coalition; Reverend Richard Byrd, KRST Unity Center; Cindy Sheehan.

              For info: call 323 276 9833

Mothers March called by Global Women’s Strike, for all GWS international demands, 


PHILADELPHIA Mothers March – March 12

Date: Saturday, 12 March 2011 – 11:30am – 3:00pm
Location: Arch Street United Methodist Church, 55 N. Broad St, Philadelphia PA 19107

End Budget Cuts, Discrimination, War, Poverty & Other Violence

Gather at 11:30 at Arch Street Church, short march thru Center City, back to Arch Street Church for indoor program at 1pm (in case of bad weather, all indoors).  Wheelchair accessible.

Indoor program includes SpeakOut, short film (“DHS – Give Us Back Our Children”), music, food, children’s program. All welcome!

Contact or 215-848-1120 for details

Mothers March called by Global Women’s Strike 

Mothers March Philadelphia Planning Group and co-sponsors include: Brandywine Peace Community * DHS Give Us Back Our Children * Every Mother is a Working Mother Network * FAKS, Inc (Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Stakeholders) *Global Women’s Strike/Phila * Payday men’s network * Phila BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) * Wages Due Lesbians * WinVisible (Women with Visible and Invisible Disabilities) * Women of Color/GWS

Why I’ll be marching – statements from Philly and around the world

• ‘I’m marching because we need change, for a better world.’
• ‘As an Adoptive Parent and ex-Foster Parent, I’ve watched in horror how Vulnerable Families are torn apart because resources aren’t being shared with birth Parents, but are freely given to “strangers” instead. I’m marching to help preserve “natural” Vulnerable Families!’
• ‘I’m marching for housing for people who don’t have any, it is a human right.’
• ‘Welfare “reform” – TANF- is coming up for reauthorization. Under TANF, welfare rolls were reduced with money “saved” going into child welfare to take children. This must be stopped and we need to fight for the money we’re entitled to.’
• ‘I’m marching to bring families back together in peace, unity and harmony.’
• ‘I’m marching for Mother Earth.’
• ‘They want to take our forests away. They don’t respect anything.’
• ‘Everything that is about caring and helping people is being cut, while there’s always money for war and Wall St.’

Marches in: England, Guyana, Haiti, India, Italy, Peru, US (LA, Milwaukee, San Francisco), Venezuela

SAN FRANCISCO Mothers March – March 8

Date: Tuesday, 8 March 2011 – 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Location: San Francisco, California, at 16th & Mission St (nr BART)


All welcome        

 Invest in caring not killing!


We march because:

·  Mothers produce/care for the world’s people, while war & profit destroy us.

·  Most women do caring work – mothers, grandmothers, daughters, partners. Unrecognized, unpaid or low paid we care for children, older people, people with disabilities, veterans, each other….

·  In Haiti & Palestine, wherever there is an occupation, women do the survival work without which resistance would be impossible.

·  Resources go to weapons & banks, not to caregivers, healthy food, accessible affordable housing, breast-feeding support, health care, education, living wages, pay equity, care of Mother Earth.

·  Budget cuts increase hunger & threaten those of us on lowest incomes, starting with communities of color.

·  Poverty, uncaring social services & immigration laws tear children from us.

·  Sex workers & homeless people are jailed not supported. As in Oscar Grant shooting, police use our children as target practice. LGBTQ denied civil rights.

·  We’re robbed of benefits, services & wages that our unwaged & low waged labor & taxes have paid for. We face eviction & foreclosures.

·  Everywhere people are risking their lives to bring change – from Palestine to Egypt, from Haiti to Colombia, from the Philippines to Kenya & Nigeria … 

 Marches in: England, Guyana, Haiti, India, Italy, Peru, US (LA, Milwaukee, Philadelphia), Venezuela

Planning Group Bay Area: Haiti Action Committee; Legal Action for Women; USPROStitutes Collective; Wages Due Lesbians; Ruckus Society; Women of Color/GWS and individuals from the Bay Area and Santa Cruz 


MILWAUKEE Mothers March – March 8

Celebrate International Women’s Day and Global Women’s Strike
March 8, 2011 ~ 12 NOON to 2 PM

Join Welfare Warriors, Casa Maria, Milw War Tax Resistance and
Veterans United in Community Service on a

Mothers Bus Tour for the Welfare of People and the Planet

(This event is also taking place in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Haiti, Guyana, India, Peru and England)

Meet at Welfare Warriors 2711 W. Michigan at 11:30 AM End War Forevermore

To the tune of “America, the Beautiful”

America America
The country we adore
It’s time to pay our taxes for
Our endless wars* and gore.

Let’s put an end to pay for wealthy wars^
So save your bucks and
Say no more to war forevermore

  • The US is currently waging undeclared wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan (and Palestine by funding Israel’s war on them). The US is also starting a war in Colombia.
  • Politicians pretend that we are in a fiscal crisis due to pensions, health care, and education for non-rich people and due to the cost of poverty programs. This is not true. Since 2001 taxpayers paid over $1 trillion to bomb and colonize Iraq and Afghanistan. That is causing the fiscal crisis. Ending the war in Afghanistan would save Wisconsin taxpayers alone $1.7 billion this year.
  • ^ Bombing is not the only expensive US tactic. Over 700 Wealthy US corporations currently run businesses in Iraq (with their own employees and expensive US contracts). Meanwhile 60% of Iraqi people are unemployed.
  • ^ There are 112,092 private contractors in Afghanistan; 95,461 in Iraq–with Dept of Defense Contracts. (Data does not include other US Government agencies.) May 2010 Dept of Defense
  • ^ Federal proposals would take away WIC from 800,000 babies ($758 Million cut), deny headstart to 218,000 children ($1.1 B cut) and reduce Pell grants by $1000 for each poor college students–in order to pay for more war. Is their motto “Let babies and toddlers and teens pay for the war effort”?!

Say “No” to Wars for Billionaires.
Fund Human needs NOT War.
Invest in Caring NOT killing!
Be a War Tax Resister. Refuse to pay federal taxes!