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Victory in Philadelphia Against Guardianship Abuse of Elders!


86 year-old Constance Clinton was committed to a nursing home by a court-appointed guardian who tried to sell her home to pay for it.  An eight month battle led by her niece and caregiver, Karen Thompson, and supported by the Every Mother is a Working Mother Network, National Action Network and others, won the right to bring her home where she is now thriving. 

Critical to the victory was convincing the court that care provided at home is not only “as good as” care in a nursing home; it is better!

We now want to use this victory to help others and stop the stealing of elders’ lives, profiteering and the devaluing of the caregiving family members are providing.

Has this happened to YOU? Or someone close to YOU?
We want to hear your stories and be in touch.  Together we can stop this abuse!

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