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Statement to the Maryanne Godboldo Speak Out

From: Every Mother is a Working Mother Network; DHS-Give Us Back Our Children; DCFS-Give Us Back Our Children

July 17, 2011

The Every Mother is a Working Mother Network, DHS: Give Us Back Our Children in Philadelphia and DCFS: Give Us Back Our Children in Los Angeles send our support to you today.

Maryanne, we are outraged at the illegal and violent taking of your daughter by child welfare services and at your arrest for exercising your rights and protecting your daughter from dangerous medications.

We live in cities with some of the highest removal rates in the country. We have too often seen child welfare services failing to protect children in real danger while they take children because of poverty, racism, sexism, and agencies’ need to fill quotas.

We are outraged by the fact that you have been accused by Child Protective services for refusing to give your daughter a psychotropic medication which has been tested to have terrible side effects, especially on children.

We know that you were within your rights to get a second opinion especially, but not only, since the FDA has warned that the safety of this particular drug has never been established. You were within your rights when you sought the advice of and worked with a medical doctor to wean your daughter from a drug that studies have shown can be particularly dangerous in children. Court documents show that you were within your legal rights in halting the drug. Like you, we have been concerned about the side effects and long term impact of drugs which are the product of a pharmaceutical industry more concerned with profits than the best interests of our children and ourselves.

One of our members in Los Angeles was threatened by child welfare for insisting on a second opinion before agreeing to invasive dental procedures for a small child, the dentist called child welfare when the parents informed him they wanted a second opinion, and child welfare then began to investigate the entire family causing so much stress to the family that the mother had a series of strokes.

The racism built into the child welfare system ensures that children of color are disproportionately removed by the child welfare industry from their homes nationally.

Child welfare agencies in Detroit and elsewhere must be held accountable for the trauma they cause children and the consequences of their actions for the future well being of your daughter and other young people. We stand with you in your efforts to regain full custody of your daughter and we join you in demanding that all criminal charges against you dropped.

Your Fight is Our Fight! Justice for all our children!