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Maryanne Godboldo won her case in criminal court!

Maryanne Godboldo

She faced charges carrying at least 8 years in prison stemming from her refusing to surrender her daughter to child protective services. All charges against her were dropped!

The next battle is the Sept 29 hearing in custody court to get her daughter back. See below for how you can help.

Background: When African American Detroit resident Maryanne Godboldo, working with a doctor, started to wean her teenage daughter off a dangerous and controversial psychotropic drug, Risperdal, Child Protective Services (CPS) tried to have the daughter removed from the home, resulting in a 12-hour standoff with over 100 police officers, swat teams and helicopters.  The standoff ended when the community mobilized support for her on the scene.  Maryanne was jailed for several days, charged with one count of Discharge of a Weapon in a Dwelling, three counts of Felonious Assault, three counts of Resisting and Obstructing an Officer, and a Felony Firearm count and her daughter put in foster care.  There was national media attention, a public outcry and community organizing.  Her daughter is now out of foster care with a stranger and with her aunt.

On August 29 Judge Ronald Giles dismissed all criminal charges and exposed Wayne County’s illegal practice of taking children with the judge’s name only rubberstamped on the court order. Another victory coming out of Maryanne’s case is that a directive has been issued now requiring a judge’s signature. More details on this to follow.  However, Maryanne still faces a custody hearing on September 29.

See article below for more details, as well as or Justice for Maryanne Godboldo on Facebook. For excellent news coverage by Heather Catallo at Channel 7 Detroit click here, here, and watch video here.

Maryanne, her sister Penny and Ron Scott of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality spoke at the Every Mother is a Working Mother Network workshop, “Give Us Back Our Children: Making a Grassroots Film,” at the June 23-26 Allied Media Conference in Detroit.  We mobilized support and issued an Action Alert on her case.  Please join us in continuing to fight for Maryanne and her daughter!  Her fight is our fight!

The Every Mother is a Working Mother Network
DHS/DCFS- Give Us Back Our Children



Attorney Allison Folmar (third from left), Maryanne Godboldo, Mubarak Hakim and Penny Godboldo and some of their many supporters celebrate Judge Ronald Giles’ ruling outside 36th District Court Aug. 29, 2011

By Diane Bukowski
Aug. 29, 2011

DETROIT—Thirty-Sixth District Court Judge Ronald Giles today emphatically dismissed all criminal charges against Maryanne Godboldo, who refused  to turn her 13-year-old daughter Ariana over to police officers during a 12-hour stand-off at her home March 24. His ruling came at the conclusion of Godboldo’s two-part preliminary exam on numerous felony charges. 

“There are two main issues here,” Giles said. “First, the [court] order in and of itself. The order has to do more than look official. We are talking about a person’s constitutional rights including the right to liberty, subjecting them to an order that is grossly inadequate and incorrect. The mistakes on it are numerous as identified by CPS [Child Protective Services] worker Mia Wenk herself. It is ridiculous to go in to remove in this court’s opinion somebody’s children based on THIS order. It does not even express any situation where we have exigent circumstances where it says the child is at risk. There was no imminent threat of death or severe physical harm. Therefore I am going to quash this order and everything thereafter is null and void. It is the fruit of the poisonous tree.”   Link to rest of article.

Maryanne still faces custody court and needs our help. 
See below from her support campaign:

We are re-starting our “Calling Campaign.”   If you would like to help:

Please call and/or send letters to Judge Lynn Pierce EVERY DAY and tell her to let Ariana go home to her mother. Urge her to review her ruling and the jury’s decision in the custody case against Maryanne Godboldo on August 9th. Remind her that Judge Giles ruled that the order to remove Ariana was invalid and that CPS worker Mia Wenk is currently being sued in Federal Court for not following CPS protocol in another case. If she knows that the community stands behind Maryanne – she may let Ariana go back to Maryanne before or during her follow-up custody hearing on September 29th.  Let her know that Child Protective Services cannot get away with treating our law-abiding citizens in this cruel and unconstitutional way.

Judge Lynn Pierce
Lincoln Hall of Justice
1025 East Forest Court Room 2B Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 833-0165 8-4:30pm EST Mon-Fri

A message from Maryanne Godboldo

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the singing of the petition, to all who have emailed and called. You have been absolutely incredible. The support and the prayers have helped – above and beyond and they are still working.  We are extremely thankful for the blessings and thankful for the people who are also standing up because this is the time to fight back and to get justice. It’s time to really truly believe this is America.
    -Maryanne Godboldo