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Rolling Vigil outside Support Center for Child Advocates to Reunite Carolyn Hill with her nieces

A Call to Action! Rolling Vigil

Reunite Carolyn Hill with her nieces after eight months of forced separation by the child welfare system.

You know that the 1% are taking our benefits and safety nets, our jobs, our houses, our food, our education, our clean air & water, our freedom, our privacy, and incarcerating us…But did you know that they are also taking our children?

The Dept. of Human Services (DHS) took Carolyn Hill’s nieces from her loving care and put them in foster care with strangers. There was no claim of abuse or neglect. Why then? Because she didn’t have a GED. DHS have now changed their mind but the child advocates are refusing to budge.

The case comes to court on Dec 17th.

Come and vigil with us to demand that the child advocates and the court reunite this family. Bring Carolyn’s children home for Christmas!


  • Thurs/Fri, Dec 13 & 14, 8:30am-5:30pm outside Support Center for Child Advocates, 1900 Cherry St, Philadelphia
  • Mon Dec 17, 12noon-2pm, Family Court, 1801 Vine St, Philadelphia

……And rallies from 12-1pm each of the three days!……

And phone or fax the child advocates to protest – see list below.

End the racist, sexist and class bias from child welfare. How can it be in the “best interests” of the children to separate them from their devoted carer?

Who is the Support Center for Child Advocates? It has a lucrative government contract to “advocate” for children in the Family Court. The Board and Leadership Council, to which they are accountable, reads like a Fortune 500 list — Wells Fargo Bank, Merck & Co. and ARAMARK. Should these rich people be sitting in judgment on low-income families and caregivers?

Each Christmas the Support Center runs a “Toy Drive”. But toys won’t compensate for the grief inflicted on families they have torn apart.

Call and fax them to let Carolyn Hill’s nieces come home.

  • Child Advocates Support Center, 215-561-1627, Fax 267-546-9201
  • Executive Director, Frank P. Cervone, MA, Esq., 267-546-9202
  • Lawyer, Mark W. Tanner Esq., 215-567-8300 Fax 215-599-1581
  • Social Work Supervisor, Devon Ferguson, MSS, MLSP, 267-546-9217

Every moment that passes until the children are returned undermines their health, happiness and development.

Called by: Global Women’s Strike, DHS Give Us Back our Children. Every Mother is a Working Mother Network, Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike, Payday men’s network.
215-848-1120 Facebook

To reach us at the vigil: 267-254-4467