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Support May Hampton’s right to raise her grandchildren! Friday April 26th

Action Alert! Your support needed!

Support May Hampton’s Right to raise her grandchildren!
Friday April 26th! Meet 9:30 am
Outside CA Superior Court

300 East Walnut Street, Pasadena, CA 91101, 4th Floor,
Rm # North East A

May is a loving grandmother who has been raising her grandchildren but now has to fight to be able to continue to care for them after false and unsubstantiated charges of abuse were filed against her.

May lives for her grandchildren, she sacrifices her own needs for them and not only is she doing the work of raising them on few resources but she finds the time, the energy, the heart to help others.

May is a loving, caring grandmother who has devoted her life to the well being of her grandchildren, and your presence and support for her is needed at this trying and terrible time. Join us to support this grandmother’s right to continue to raise her grandchildren!

Called by:
DCFS Give Us Back Our Children, Every Mother is a Working Mother Network

Endorsed by:
Alexandria House; Global Women’s Strike/LA; Womenscircle@occupyLA; Women of Color/Global Women’s Strike.

Contact us to let us know if you can go to court on Friday morning!