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Petition to Philadelphia DHS: End racial, income & education bias in the child welfare system!

Please sign the petition here

Action Alert! Calling on all organizations and individuals! Action Alert!

Carolyn Hill and grandchildren

Defend the Hill family from racial, income, gender & education bias in the child welfare system! Sign the petition demanding DHS return two girls unjustly taken from their aunt who was their full time caregiver.

Not being a high school grad or having a GED must not used as a reason to remove children from their caregiver!

There is a lot at stake in this fight:

  • the right of low-income people to raise children;
  • the right of children, especially those who have been traumatized, to one-on-one care and the right of caregivers to answer this vital need for care;
  • the right of family members to legal representation and to have standing in court; and
  • holding DHS, child advocates & agencies to account before they decide to demolish families.

Your help is needed! There is much to do to win justice for these children and their carer!

What you can do:

  • sign the petition and ask your organization to endorse the campaign.
  • write or call DHS about the case: Commissioner Ambrose 215-683-6000 1515 Arch St. Philadelphia PA 19102
  • write your local newspaper and let us know of media people or lawyers who can help
  • show our DHS Give Us Back Our Children video to your community and invite Ms. Hill to speak or ask your university to show it. Click here to purchase video.
  • come to our next demonstration, protest and meeting of DHS Give Us Back Our Children
  • volunteer at the Crossroads Women’s Center and/or to accompany Ms. Hill and/or other mothers and caregivers to court or meetings.
  • circulate the RISE Out of Poverty Act petition which has a provision for prioritizing resources for families over the removal of children.
  • Make a donation – no amount too small or too large!

Every Mother is a Working Mother Network and DHS: Give Us Back Our Children
PO Box 11795, Phila, PA 19101    For info: 215-848-1120 Fax: 215-848-1130

Friday May 17 – Support May Hampton’s right to raise her grandchildren!

Action Alert! Your support needed at trial!

Support May Hampton’s Right to raise her grandchildren!
Friday May 17th! Meet 12:30pm
Outside CA Superior Court

300 East Walnut Street, Pasadena, CA 91101, 4th Floor,
Rm # North East A

Let us know if you are able to go

May is a loving grandmother who has been raising her grandchildren but now has to fight to be able to continue to care for them after false and unsubstantiated charges of abuse were filed against her.

May lives for her grandchildren, she sacrifices her own needs for them and not only is she doing the work of raising them on few resources but she finds the time, the energy, the heart to help others.

May is a loving, caring grandmother who has devoted her life to the well being of her grandchildren, and your presence and support for her is needed at this trying and terrible time. Join us to support this grandmother’s right to continue to raise her grandchildren!

Called by:
DCFS Give Us Back Our Children, Every Mother is a Working Mother Network

Endorsed by:
Alexandria House; Global Women’s Strike/LA; Womenscircle@occupyLA; Women of Color/Global Women’s Strike.

Contact us to let us know if you can go to court on Friday afternoon!