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Tues Aug 20: All out to reunite Carolyn Hill with her nieces

Carolyn Hill wants her children back: appeal in court
Tuesday, August 20th 9:30am

PA Superior Court
530 Walnut St Philadelphia PA 17th floor

Ms. Carolyn Hill has been struggling for over a year to get her nieces back who were removed from her care by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services. Ms Hill is Black and low-income. False claims were made about her to justify the removal of her nieces and the fact that she didn’t have a GED was a key factor that was used to say that she was not suitable to adopt the children. Finally, she has a hearing to determine if she has standing in court so she can overturn this outrageous injustice and be reunited with her girls.

All out to reunite this family
& end racial, income & education bias in the child welfare system!
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Carolyn Hill and her grandchildren

Carolyn Hill and her grandchildren

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