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New York Times: Stay-at-Home Parents Work Hard. Should They Be Paid? YES!

Our network wrote the following letter to the New York Times in response to a piece by Claire Cain Miller published on Oct 3, 2019, Stay-at-Home Parents Work Hard. Should They Be Paid? . Unfortunately the letter was not published.

To the Editor:

“Stay-at-Home Parents Work Hard. Should They Be Paid?” YES! We assumed when we began in 1972, that the caring work most women did and most men did not would ultimately be acknowledged. Not only the economic value of caregiving, but the social value of making the whole human race from scratch.

With the climate emergency, we are all looking again at how we live, what we produce, how we relate, and how the hierarchies among us of sex, race, wealth, nationality… divide us. This requires not a technocratic plan but a caring perspective. The Green New Deal for Europe proposes a Care Income for all those caring for people and planet, starting with women, primary caregivers in every society. The American Family Act, which would tackle poverty with nearly universal child benefit, and the RISE Out Of Poverty Act reinstating welfare, are major steps towards prioritizing human survival over the market.

Wages for housework is a campaign whose time has come.

Selma James, International Wages for Housework Campaign, UK
Margaret Prescod, Women of Color Global Women’s Strike, US