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Tax/Utility/Benefits Assistance Day, April 30 in Philly!

Friday April 30, 11am-4pm

Tax/Utility/Benefits Assistance Day!

Outside new Crossroads Women’s Center 5011 Wayne Ave in Germantown (Philadelphia)

Mothers! Caregivers! Others! Get help filing your taxes and claiming your entitlements. Get legal help with tax and utility issues as shut-offs and sheriff sales resume. FREE!!!

Food giveaway • Caregiving survey

Tax experts, lawyers and benefits counselors on site. Bring your tax paperwork or just drop by.

All welcome. Outdoors. Masks required. Wheelchair Accessible.

Schedule for the day: Overview of services followed by one-on-one help starting at 11am, 1pm, 3pm.

If you are in the Philly area, please help get the word out!  Download, print and distribute flyers here.

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Letter to NY Times: ‘Every Mother Is a Working Mother’

Missing was Pat’s affiliation: Member, Global Women’s Strike/Philadelphia, and a correction: “Every mother should be able to choose what’s best for her and her children.”  But great that it got in!

To the Editor:

Re “Why Are We Worrying About Women’s Work?” (Opinion,, March 19):

As a former Arby’s employee, I was glad that Elizabeth Bruenig questioned those who promote the importance of “standing behind the counter at Arby’s” over being a stay-at-home mother. Does forcing mothers on welfare to leave infants as young as six weeks old so they can “be productive” reflect the kind of world we want?

It was only because I was able to get disability benefits that, little as it was, I was able to stay home and breastfeed and nurture my child. The bonding of mothers and children, including through breastfeeding, is absolutely critical to children’s physical and emotional development.

Expansion of the child tax credit, as provided in the American Rescue Plan, gives more mothers more choices, and I’m all for it. We need a permanent child benefit going directly to the mother or primary caregiver. Every mother should choose what’s best for her children. Every mother is a working mother.

Pat Albright

A version of this article appears in print on April 5, 2021, Section A, Page 18 of the New York edition.

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March 18 National Welfare Rights Union Truth Commission – Poverty in All Its Forms is Violence

Register now for the online event:

Truth Commission: Poverty in all its forms is violence:
Caregivers victimized by poverty speak out!

Thursday March 18 from 7-8:30pm (US Eastern Time).   Convened by National Welfare Rights Union (NWRU). Testifiers include Global Women’s Strike Benefits Working Group members.

Registration link:

Action Alert! Call on Biden/Harris Campaign to Expand Support for All Caregivers

From Election Action for Caregivers:

Take action to ask Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris to strengthen their support for caregivers.

There are over 53 million unpaid family caregivers in the US, plus 11 million stay at home parents. It’s URGENT that the Biden/Harris Campaign recognize this essential work with fully-refundable tax credits. Ask that they express their support in the Presidential and VP Debates.

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Sign-on Letter asking Biden/Harris Campaign to support all caregivers

Urgent Request! Support effort to get out the vote of millions of unpaid caregivers!
Sign on to Letter asking Biden/Harris Campaign to
expand their support to include all caregivers

We write to urgently ask your organization to sign onto the attached letter here to Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris asking them to strengthen their support for caregivers.  There are over 53 million unpaid family caregivers in the US, plus millions providing unwaged care to children. These millions, if we vote, could make the difference in the election outcome, including but not only in critical swing states.

Large numbers of organizations have signed on to support the American Family Act  (Senator Harris already a co-sponsor) and the Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act which propose fully refundable tax credits, as well as an Open letter to governments – A Care Income Now!. Support by Senator Harris and Vice President Biden for these bills and policies would be a boost and incentive for millions of impacted people to get out and vote.  

Sign online here or email If you are not a member of an organization or are not able to confirm your organization’s endorsement, of course personal endorsements are also welcome.  Please help circulate this letter, and let us know if you would like to become more involved in this effort.

Margaret Prescod, Global Women’s Strike/US co-coordinator and Women of Color/GWS
Peggy O’Mara, former editor and publisher Mothering magazine

for Election Action for Caregivers

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Washington Post op ed agrees with the Wages for Housework Campaign!

Please see this Washington Post op ed, Yes. Balancing work and parenting is impossible. Here’s the data, which mentions the Wages for Housework Campaign, links to the Global Women’s Strike and calls for what we have been advocating for decades. A two-parent family chronicled balancing waged work and caregiving work for their children during lockdown and found:

“The [on-duty] parent was interrupted 45 times, an average of 15 times per hour… Numbers like that help illustrate why sustained concentration while working from home is so difficult… Congress should expand the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) to include everyone doing additional care work because of the pandemic and to provide essential workers with financial support for the care of their dependents. Compensating care work directly and equitably, as feminist projects and groups like the Wages for Housework campaign and the National Domestic Workers Alliance have long advocated, would also give caregivers the ability to negotiate with their employers over establishing boundaries between work and home life, while crediting the economic value of caregiving in ways that might transform the post-pandemic economy.”  (see full article below)

The article couldn’t be more timely as we mobilize to get support for the Worker Relief and Credit Act (WRCR HR5271). It is introduced by Rep Gwen Moore (WI) and Rep Marcia Fudge (OH). The WRCR would redefine workers to include unpaid family caregivers and students. It would make Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) fully refundable and available to more people, getting cash directly into mothers’, other caregivers’, and students’ hands. It would help alleviate poverty, particularly of Black, Indigenous and Latina caregivers, by 30%.

It reflects in part the global call for a Care Income for People and Planet put forward by the Global Women’s Strike and the Green New Deal for Europe.

Endorse  Share on Twitter  #Money4Caregivers  #CareIncomeNow

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Support Money for Unwaged Caregivers! Endorse the Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act!

Click here to endorse the Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act

The pandemic demonstrates how caregivers serve as frontline and essential workers, filling the gaps in our health care system. Even before this crisis, around 43.5 million Americans worked as unpaid caregivers to their children, aging parents or adult family members with a disability. The WRCR Act updates the definition of work to recognize the uncompensated care these individuals provide, which is estimated at $500 billion annually. from the Letter to Leadership re. the Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act (WRCR HR 5271)

Policymakers are starting to take note of what we’ve always known – that mothers and other unwaged primary caregivers are also essential workers, counted on for everyone’s survival but not paid for this work.

The Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act, WRCR HR5271, introduced by Reps Gwen Moore (WI) & Marcia Fudge (OH), would expand the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to make it fully refundable and available to more people, including mothers and other unwaged primary caregivers, and get cash directly into mothers’ and families hands. It redefines workers to include unpaid family caregivers & students.

For more info and to endorse the Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act click here or sign below & email it to us.  Please share on social media:  Facebook  Twitter  #Money4Caregivers  #CareIncomeNow

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Take Action: Tweet, Share, and Sign our Petition

Share graphics below with accompanying text, adapting to your situation. To find Twitter handles, email addresses and phone numbers for your own Representatives and Senators, go to

SIGN AND SHARE OUR PETITIONSign up for action alert texts

FOR TWITTER: Money 4 Mothers & Other Caregivers must be in every Stimulus Bill! #Money4Caregivers #CareIncomeNow #ChildBenefitNow @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @McConnellPress @senatemajldr @RepGwenMoore @RepKarenBass @repmarkpocan @RepJayapal @AOC @RepLawrence

FOR FACEBOOK: Money for Mothers & Other Caregivers must be in every Stimulus Bill! #Money4Caregivers #CareIncomeNow #ChildBenefitNow @NancyPelosi @chuckschumer @mitchmcconnell @GwenSMoore @RepKarenBass @repmarkpocan @Pramila.Jayapal @OcasioCortez @Rep.BLawrence

More social media graphics below

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Action Alert: Demand Money for Mothers & Other Caregivers in Every Stimulus Bill!

Mothers and other unwaged primary caregivers are counted on for everyone’s survival, especially but not only during this pandemic, yet we are never included in relief/stimulus legislation. Instead, we’re disrespected, especially those of us on welfare or other benefits struggling the hardest to survive. Our economic contributions are hidden, so we keep working even when ill, and without financial means we can’t escape domestic violence and face having our children taken away, as poverty is treated as neglect.

But we too are essential workers making a fundamental social contribution to survival, health and the economy – we have earned our right to stimulus money! ● More healthcare is provided by unwaged caregivers than all healthcare institutions worldwide ● $470 billion is the value of unwaged caregiving for adults (not even including care for children) in the US (AARP) ● 34 billion hours per day is how much women & girls spend on caregiving work worldwide ● $143,000 a year is what US moms would earn if we were paid for all the jobs we do, with overtime, according to ● Yet, women & children are 73% of the poor in the US ● There is plenty of money: The US has 607 billionaires; the top eight richest billionaires own as much combined wealth as “half the human race”. The US military budget keeps rising and pays for bases all over the world… It’s about time caregivers are prioritized not only in the US but worldwide. This helps ensure health everywhere.

Full list of demands hereTake Action: Tweet at Congress & share on social media • Sign & Share our PetitionSign up for action alert texts here