Fighting your case to win justice & build the movement: Philadelphia Workshop with Selma James and Nina Lopez

Workshop: “Fighting your case to win justice & build the movement”

Friday April 10
4:30-7:30pm Tabernacle United Church, 3700 Chestnut St, Phila

Followed by Q&A; sharing strategies & resources across sectors.

For those fighting criminalization, discrimination or deportation ● having their children removed ● police/prison guard violence ● elder guardianship abuse ● denial of benefits ● rape victims including those wrongly accused of making a false allegation ● whistleblowers facing retaliation ● groups struggling under the weight of cases while also fighting for change . . . This workshop is based on the principles of self-help, accountability, and holding non-profits and professionals to account. Sponsored by: Global Women’s Strike and Every Mother is a Working Mother Network Co-sponsors: Human Rights Coalition, Payday men’s network, Peacehome Campaigns, Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee

Selma James and Nina Lopez

Coordinators of the Global Women’s Strike (London, England)

Selma James is an internationally known speaker, author and organizer. Founder of the Wages for Housework Campaign. Her most recent publication is Sex, Race and Class – The Perspective of Winning.

Nina Lopez is originally from Argentina. Founder of Legal Action for Women, she works with the English Collective of Prostitutes.

8 thoughts on “Fighting your case to win justice & build the movement: Philadelphia Workshop with Selma James and Nina Lopez

  1. marcus pearson

    My children were taken wile in there mother’s custody. She was told by the courtti do a lot of things complted them became a chef. And the still won’t return the children to either parent or even let either familey adopt any help that can be given would be deeply appreciated .

  2. Tasy

    Hi, my name is Tasy and I had few questions I like to ask. I was taken advantage of by Dhs of the state of Oklahoma and had no chance in getting my daughter back. I was wondering if you could help me or could refer me to someone that could. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Tasy Steinsiek

  3. Kristen M Centlivre

    Please help me. My kids were wrongly taken. I was a good mother. Now our lives have been torn apart and I am almost completely broken. This has destroyed me. Im supposed to be a mom and a good person like I used to be. I dont know who I am now. I cannot go on like this but I dont know what to do. If I dont stand up and fight back I will die. But I dont know where to begin and no money to get a lawyer. My rights were severed in 2013 behind lies and falsified documents saying i neglected them which is untrue. These atrocities occurred in closed court in Riverside, Ca. My 2 precious little boys went through hell and were abused and molested and traumatized in their care while they were ripped from their loving protective mother. I’m so beat down each day is just another day of suffering and excruciating pain. My heart hurts and I want my babies back!! 7854089121

  4. Dawn Rubio Lazar

    I recently discoverved that my spouses lawyer filed a divorce petition in Northampton County, PA in 2013. The petition was kept a secet, and I was NEVER SERVED or even notified. I DISCOVERED the existence of this divorce action when it was was “revived” in order to request special relief. Please understand that we were in court to attend a PFA hearing that I filed against HIM. Again I had no notice of the intended prayer for relief – exclusive possession of our marital home. This, and other previous revivals of this divorce ALL were filed immediately after he was served the Temporary PFAs. It is clear that every legal action he filed were all blatent attempts to cicumvent the PFA in order to remain in the marital home. Each time his lawyer took legal action she failed to properly serve me or provide me ALL of the necessary documents needed to prepare our proper PRO SE response to the actions. His lawyer never mailed me ANYTHING and to on Sept 2nd she handed me a few documents: her ex-parte letter to a Judge a fax cover letter t,hat seemed to favor her in prior proceedings. Our court Admin refused to assist me in preventing her judge shopping, or having our case heard by a different Judge. SO, I also experiened verbal harrassiment and slander by his lawyer. On Sept 2nd I requested an extension of time for the hearinf on her Petition for Special relief AND to adjudate the Final PFA. While the Judge granted my request and ordered the hearing to be contined, yet he moved forward with having a hearing where I was threatened NOT to speak, and his lawyer made her case -which isll based on her false statments. She presented wittnesses, illegally testified personally, made all of her requests and legal arguments for her both of her cases (easily proven to be based on false facts and lies. Although the hearing was orderded to be continued, they just moved forward- both his lawyer and the Judge actively questioned wittnesses ONE which wasnt even present during ANY domestic violence incident! Pursuant to my request for a continuance he gave me had basically ONE business day to hire a lawyer and prepare ours case. WAIT It gets better! They had both hearings 1/2 earlier than what was written on MY documents. So my abuser was awarded the Exclusvie Possession of our home, for an infinite time period, with no provisions regarding proper eviction, resulting in both myself and my daughter to be homeless! Once again his lawyer was providied the opportunity to present HER case(s), in my absence and granted relief in both cases. The Judge even wrote the revived order granting Exclusive possession on the PFA documents which was viewed by police as part of the PFA. The civil action and order itself was unrelated to the PFA and is not enforced by the Police. THEN the Judge PERSONALLY chose and hired a guardian ad litem for my daughter who immediately chose to petition the court for the PFA to be modified to allow my daughter to return to our home to live with our abuser, failing to consider ANY reasonable persons sense of the best interest of the child.
    So as a DIRECT Result of filing a PFA I became homeless , WITH NO INCOME FOR US TO SURVIVE – I actually lost CUSTODY of my daughter since I couldnt enter my home, or even call. I was basically FORCED to drop the most recent Temporary PFA or he prevented from having any contact with my 14 year old daughter!!!
    It gets even more juicy, but I will save the next story for later. Any advice on what to do??

  5. Trina Bennett

    Please contact me at 215-696-3622 DHS has no real evidence on me abusing my child who has problems with Odd/ which I am trying to get her treatment and DHS will not release so that the treatment can take place the Judge on my case totally sided with DHS no help or counsel was allotted to me until the last minute my case was not even set up until the date of the hearing. DHS just totally lied and the Judge just went off their word so he could go to lunch I wasn’t even allowed to really speak I was alone and did not know what to do. My daughter has been placed in Child First a temporary agency where she is sharing a bed with a 16 year pregnant teenager and my daughter is only 13 years old she is defiant she does not having any way off defending herself against the atmosphere DHS has put her in.


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