How to Fight Your Case

Los Angeles: Know Your Rights (English)Conozca sus Derechos (Español)
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Los Angeles

Updated! July 2021: Know Your Rights: What to do if your child is detained by the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS)   DOWNLOAD HERE

¡Actualizado! Julio 2021: Conozca sus Derechos: Qué Hacer si el Departamento de Servicios para Niños y Familias de Los Angeles* le Retiene a su Hijo *(DCFS – Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services) DESCARGA AQUÍ


How to Fight Your DHS Case (by DHS Give Us Back Our Children):

Other Resources

Community Legal Services (Philadelphia):

The Survival Guide to the NYC Child Welfare System: A Workbook for Parents By Parents (Child Welfare Organizing Project)

La Guia de Supervivencia al Sistema del Bienestar del Menor de NYC: Un Libro para Padres Escrito por Padres

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9 thoughts on “How to Fight Your Case

  1. Chapri

    My life has been turned upside down by DHS, on Feb 19th, my former landlord fulfilled his threats of putting me out for nonpayment of a deplorable home. I have been through the ringer since last year, my fiance got arrested and has been incarcerated since, I was left with my kids and his small son. I tried my hardest to keep my kids safe and with me no matter the cost to myself. I went through eviction, job loss, and abuse, all I wanted was my kids with me and a roof over our heads. I’ve had very little contact with my kids and my stepson, I’m completely left out here. Nobody is listening to me and I’m sure my economic status, race and religion are a big part in it. I’ve been reading about the horrid actions of this system and I’m scared. I was just told today if I don’t meet their standards by Feb 2016, I can say goodbye to my kids. I don’t have a big support system, so I have very few to tell my story. Hopefully this commentary will gain me the help I need and my kids deserve.

    1. jazmine r

      I understand how you feel. DHS has all three of my boys. As long as you do what you have to do they can take your rights away. Don’t let them see you get angry, get friendly with the foster parent if possible. Let your voice be heard in a good way. Go to City Hall and talk to your district leader. They can make calls and get you answer. If your in Philly it’s this place called the Achieving Reunification Center (ARC) 714 Market Street, Suite 500 Philadelphia Pa, 19106, they help it’s a one stop shop they have everything you will need there. Honey your not alone, KEEP YOUR HEAD God wouldn’t put to much on use that we can’t bare.

  2. Hasanah M Bennett

    I am also a victim og dhs wrong doing. They took both of my 2 newborn children out of the hospital at birth and the judge put them up for adoption and stopped my parental rights. This is wrong I didn’t see my daughter in 20 years. Can you call me and pass my number out to get help call Miss Bennett 267-560-3512

  3. Hasanah M Bennett

    I am also a victim of dhs wrongdoing can you help me get my daughter back and expose dhs and the judges they are child snatchers and they make money off each child in placement its a corrupt thing and they prey on poor families with no good legal representation. Call miss Bennett at 267-560-3512.

  4. Robby Hoffman

    I have been deeling with the cold grip of DHS for 2 years now. They keep branching this case into different things. They keep trying to take them every chance they get. pleasse help me before its too late!!! please help 267 271 1624

  5. Virginia

    PLEASE HELP !!!!!!
    Me and my wife are grandparents to two little boys that are now in Dhs ( foster homes) do too our daughter doing drugs unfortunately ,we had to ask her to leave our home where she was raised and we helped raised her two boys unfortunately that meant her two children had to go with her. We had called dyfs many times with no help ! She left and went to Philadelphia she had gotten worse as time went on not knowing that dhs was in the mix and had taken custody of the children, we had stepped up and said we would be willing to take both the boys that where now placed separately due to the one being disabled, the other one is 9 and has been placed in several foster homes,  being abused physically to sexually assaulted we had told the courts we would love to have them together in our home which is where they were comfortable. We have a bedroom for them and all the wants any child could ever want and more love then we ever could give .The courts told us that they would have to do a interstate compact after time went on we showed up to every single one of the court hearings not having standing we were not allowed in the court room, we had communication with the 9 year old and even was able to see the other in the facility he was in , we had told our grandson that we would do all we could to get him home the judge didn’t like that and said we were unfit very quickly we were not allowed to see or even talk to the boys because the judge said us telling him that was not what good grandparents do the judge had said that interstate was not allowed to start being we had left the court room at this time and that had made the judge even angrier, not our intentions . We just wanted to stop them from hurting . So now 5 months into it and haven’t been able to speak to see them the last two months has broken our hearts !

    Please is there anything we can do we don’t want to make the judge angry we just want them placed in our loving home where they belong. We did hire a lawyer with no good outcome !
    Thank you for taking the time to read a brief description of our story .
    if anyone can help us get our grandkids back please feel free to call me or my wife .
    Jeff and Virginia Mckale
    (215) 416-5984

  6. Shannon Berthiaume

    I have lost my 3 children due to trying to protect them from racial abuse at a public school all 3 children placed in foster care and a stay away order not to mention the trauma on them . I fought and won my children back only to discover that my 2 boys raped and daughter sexually assaulted . She sued and won then fought and won again got my son back oh they re took him after rapes were uncovered arrested him being autistic but won back yet again 9 years go bye never knowing i was place on a registry list had i known then i would of been cleared my name then so when they came at my grandchildren i could get custody but anyway my name is off list child abuse cleared records expunged yet my name comes across my daughters case as an abuser in 2017 2018 and 2019 bye DHS across judges and lawyers desks with out attaching my court order and child clearances causing my family more harm .and violating my order by pushing abuse records that none EXIST records expunged…I need help they are trying to ADOPT my only 2 grandchildren out.
    Shannon Berthiaume

  7. Nathalie presendieu


  8. Roxy

    I will be facing trial soon I have 5 children that Dhs had managed to split apart I did everything as quickly as I could even throughout the covid crisis. I deserve my children and they deserve there mother! I’m asking from the depth of my soul if there is anything or anyone out there who can help. My kids are my everything and I just can’t lose them!


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