How You Can Support Carolyn Hill and Her Nieces

Thirty of the children’s relatives want them reunited with their Aunt Carolyn Hill. Why isn’t DHS listening to the Hill family, and why is the Support Center for Child Advocates blocking their wishes? Four months have passed since DHS Commissioner Anne Marie Ambrose wrote a letter supporting Ms. Hill as a caregiver for her nieces. Why have they done nothing to reach this result? Why are they causing further trauma to the children and Ms. Hill by cutting their visitation times to two hours a month? It is almost a year now since the children were brutally snatched from Ms. Hill’s home at dinnertime and without notice. They have been in the homes of strangers and now they are in childcare 10 hours a day. Ms. Hill is ready and willing to give these young girls her full-time attention and her full-time love. Isn’t it in the best interest of the young girls and the Hill family to return the nieces to their Aunt Carolyn Hill right away?

To understand the unjustice that is being done to the Hill family and many other families in Philadelphia and the nation, read an interview with Carolyn Hill this Wednesday (March 6) in the Philadelphia Tribune, listen to her on G-town radio’s For the People call-in show Tuesday night (March 5) 8-9:30pm at, 215-609-4301 or Facebook/Twitter your comments, and come out to the International Women’s Day Event at Tabernacle Church in West Philly this Friday (March 8) from 5-8pm to hear her and Hill family members speak out.


Carolyn Hill with her grandchildren

To show your support and to put pressure on DHS and the city to correct this atrocity contact:

Call, email or fax them this moment to register your support for Ms. Hill and her nieces and to tell the commisioner and the mayor to reunite Carolyn Hill and her nieces now!


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