PHILADELPHIA Mothers March – March 12

Date: Saturday, 12 March 2011 – 11:30am – 3:00pm
Location: Arch Street United Methodist Church, 55 N. Broad St, Philadelphia PA 19107

End Budget Cuts, Discrimination, War, Poverty & Other Violence

Gather at 11:30 at Arch Street Church, short march thru Center City, back to Arch Street Church for indoor program at 1pm (in case of bad weather, all indoors).  Wheelchair accessible.

Indoor program includes SpeakOut, short film (“DHS – Give Us Back Our Children”), music, food, children’s program. All welcome!

Contact or 215-848-1120 for details

Mothers March called by Global Women’s Strike 

Mothers March Philadelphia Planning Group and co-sponsors include: Brandywine Peace Community * DHS Give Us Back Our Children * Every Mother is a Working Mother Network * FAKS, Inc (Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Stakeholders) *Global Women’s Strike/Phila * Payday men’s network * Phila BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) * Wages Due Lesbians * WinVisible (Women with Visible and Invisible Disabilities) * Women of Color/GWS

Why I’ll be marching – statements from Philly and around the world

• ‘I’m marching because we need change, for a better world.’
• ‘As an Adoptive Parent and ex-Foster Parent, I’ve watched in horror how Vulnerable Families are torn apart because resources aren’t being shared with birth Parents, but are freely given to “strangers” instead. I’m marching to help preserve “natural” Vulnerable Families!’
• ‘I’m marching for housing for people who don’t have any, it is a human right.’
• ‘Welfare “reform” – TANF- is coming up for reauthorization. Under TANF, welfare rolls were reduced with money “saved” going into child welfare to take children. This must be stopped and we need to fight for the money we’re entitled to.’
• ‘I’m marching to bring families back together in peace, unity and harmony.’
• ‘I’m marching for Mother Earth.’
• ‘They want to take our forests away. They don’t respect anything.’
• ‘Everything that is about caring and helping people is being cut, while there’s always money for war and Wall St.’

Marches in: England, Guyana, Haiti, India, Italy, Peru, US (LA, Milwaukee, San Francisco), Venezuela

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