Sample email: Where is the money that we and our children deserve?

Adapt and post this email to each contact form or email below, and to your own Senators and Reps.
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Dear Rep./Senator _________,

I am a [mother/grandmother/unwaged caregiver for….] and am deeply worried that the COVID-19 stimulus bills are not including us, even as we are being counted on to take on the massive work of keeping our families and communities together in the face of a health and economic crisis. Of course we love our families, but love does not pay the rent.  The point is that it is vital that the stimulus proposals include measures to put money directly in the hands of unwaged caregivers such as myself who are on the frontlines, doing caring work every day that is essential to the survival of our families, communities, and the planet, through this and every disaster.  Those who are immigrant, and/or people of color are at greater risk.  And for those of us who are or may become victims of domestic violence we not only need access to shelters, but we urgently need cash assistance to help us and our children get out of danger.

In other western countries, governments pay a non-means tested child benefit or family allowance. We contribute $470 billion or more to the economy, according to AARP. We are working, we are workers, our work keeps all of society functioning.  Where is the money that we and our children deserve?

We are asking, as an urgent matter, that you include and fight for ongoing fully refundable child tax credits/child benefits in COVID-19 stimulus bills to go to the primary caregiver, regardless of income or lack of income. And we want action now on a care income for those of us who care for children, elderly, people with disabilities & the environment.  And we are asking that the most impoverished among us not be shortchanged. If we are on welfare, disability, receiving food stamp/SNAP or other benefits, getting stimulus money must not mean our benefits would be cut.

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Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader
Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader
Karen Bass, Black Caucus Chair
Mark Pocan, Progressive Caucus Co-chair
Pramila Jayapal, Progressive Caucus Co-chair
Brenda Lawrence, Women’s Caucus, Co-chair
Debbie Lesko, Women’s Caucus Co-chair

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