The money is there: letter to the editor (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Letter to the editor published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, June 30, 2021 

Only cut is scarcity

General Assistance (GA) — cruelly eliminated in 2019 — was a lifeline for me while waiting for disability benefits, as it was for women escaping domestic violence, homeless youth, people in drug programs, and leaving prison. I was in Harrisburg on June 7 with the Pennsylvania Poor People’s Campaign, demanding reinstatement of GA as part of a moral budget and a “Third Reconstruction” to fully address poverty from the bottom up. With a $10 billion+ surplus — why are millions of Pennsylvanians still in poverty, the majority women and children? With Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefit levels unchanged since 1990, children are being taken and placed in foster care across the state due to poverty, racism, and other forms of discrimination. Meanwhile we see no limit on money handed to harmful industries, prisons, horse racing. GA must be reinstated and expanded, and TANF benefits increased with work requirements and time limits ended. The money is there.

Pat Albright, Philadelphia

Original op-ed: Only cut is scarcity


June 20, 2021

Only cut is scarcity

With billions in surplus, Harrisburg should make plans to spend big.


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