We are participating in the US Social Forums in Philadelphia, PA and San Jose, CA – June 25-28

Margaret Prescod

SAN JOSE: We are pleased to announce that Margaret Prescod, Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike, co-founder of Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders, and host of Pacifica Radio’s Sojourner Truth, is speaking at the USSF Plenary on Saturday June 27, at 6:30pm, Washington United Youth Center.

And in PHILADELPHIA that Shandre Delaney, mother of prisoner whistleblower Carrington Keys and coordinator of the Justice for the Dallas 6 Support Campaign, will be speaking at the USSF Plenary on Saturday June 27, at 7pm, at Temple University Student Center Room 200.

In both Philadelphia and San Jose

Film screening: Tales of the Grim Sleeper, presented by Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders. Did you know that 200 Black Women are missing in South Los Angeles, 100 suspected to be victims of a serial killer, and that law enforcement referred to the victims as “NHI” (No Humans Involved)? Don’t miss this film! SAN JOSE: THURSDAY 10:30AM @ Sacred Heart Community Services / PHILLY: TBA

Action Table and Petitioning center for the Living Wage for All Workers including Mothers and other Caregivers! Find out how you can get involved in this urgent campaign!

Sign petition: http://bit.ly/livingwage4carers

Donate Now!Please help our grassroots delegation get there!
(Through our fiscal sponsor Women in Dialogue)

Workshops & Actions Philly

Workshops San Jose

At 11am on Thurs June 25 join us for a rally for A Living Wage for Mothers & other Caregivers outside the Somerset Welfare Office, 2701 N. Broad St (near Lehigh), then at 11:30 march/ride one mile to the US Social Forum.From streets to prisons: mothers, daughters, sisters, wives fighting for our loved ones’ lives with mothers and others from the Justice for the Dallas 6 Support Campaign, Human Rights Coalition, Trans and Women’s Defense Cttee, Fight for Lifers, and Justice for Frank McQueen. FRIDAY 4:30PM @ Mitten Hall Room 250A living wage for mothers and other caregivers – an international campaign for Climate Strike with Global Climate Convergence. SATURDAY 5PM @ Student Center 200 A

We will also be participating in:

Empire of Prisons: How the US is Spreading Mass Incarceration around the World (Alliance for Global Justice) FRIDAY 10:30AM @ Mitten Hall Room 250

CANCELLED: Three Generations of Women: How to Combat Women’s Slide into Poverty

Some mother’s daughter – sex workers against poverty, violence and criminalization with the US PROStitutes Collective. THURSDAY 8:30AM @ Engineering 189Against poverty and for a living wage for mothers and other caregivers. FRIDAY 8:30AM @ UFCW HallOther workshops of note:

Haiti After Duvalier (Haiti Action Ctte) THURSDAY 3PM @ East Carnegie Library

The War on Perception (All of Us Or None) THURSDAY 6PM @ St. Paul’s Sanctuary

Resisting Greenwashing: Stop the Jewish National Fund (JNF) Campaign and centering Palestine in our struggles for Ecological Justice (Intl Jewish Anti Zionist Network) FRIDAY 8:30AM @ Unitarian Sanctuary

Building a National Movement to End Solitary Confinement ( Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition) FRIDAY 3PM @ Sacred Heart 

Groups in our delegation: Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders • DHS/DCFS – Give Us Back Our Children • Every Mother is a Working Mother Network • Fight for Lifers West • Global Women’s Strike • Human Rights Coalition Philly • HRC Fed Up/Pittsburgh • Justice for the Dallas 6 Support Campaign • Justice for Frank McQueen • Payday men’s network • Queer Strike • US PROStitutes Collective • Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee • Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike

What is the US Social Forum? “A convergence driven by the understanding that people’s movements are what create social change. It is an opportunity for regional and issue-specific social justice projects to work toward broader unity.” This is the 3rd USSF after Atlanta (2007) and Detroit (2012).

To register: https://www.ussocialforum.net/register/individual. The cost is $10. Subsidies may be available.

For info on GWS in USSF Philly: 215-848-1120 or philly@globalwomenstrike.net

For GWS in USSF San Jose: call 323-276-9833 or la@allwomencount.net Check our Facebook page for up to date workshop times and locations: http://bit.ly/gwsussf

One thought on “We are participating in the US Social Forums in Philadelphia, PA and San Jose, CA – June 25-28

  1. Fern

    Was denied custody of grandchild because I refused initial off of kinship care because I didn’t want any ties with DHS prying into my life. And was told that because the grandchild was dropped off at the police station by a family member. Our family was not looking out for the child’s best interest. Although they are aware of the mother’s drug and mental issues. They placed my grandchild with a white couple. Never considered that her grandfather and I are together, we own our home, we have a spare room. DHS have asked and it was given shelter and care for both my granddaughter and her brother when their mother, my daughter went to jail 3 times, within weeks of them closing the case on my daughters son after seven years in placement!!. I need and want to find a lawyer and any other help I can get to stop DHS from cutting her off from the family forever. As they have said they want to keep my grandchild where she is until adoption is obtained by the white couple, who although not prejudice but the are gay and men. My grandchild is a female, black and not yet two years old!! I look forward to hearing from someone soon. I’m at wits end on where to start. Signed
    Unloved Gramdma


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