What You Can Do to Support the RISE Act & reintroduction of the WORK Act

See invitation to endorse and background. Please email us at philly@allwomencount.net if you would like to endorse and participate, or call 215-848-1120. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • forward this endorser letter on to my/our contacts asking that they join in supporting this campaign (click here for a printable copy).
  • contact my/our elected officials and ask that they sign onto RISE, help get WORK reintroduced and in other ways support the bills
  • write a letter-to-the-editor and contact local media about this
  • Send a statement on why I/we think this effort is important
  • organize a local support group for this campaign
  • invite a speaker to my/our local area
  • make a financial contribution to this important effort

Society must recognize and value of all our work, unwaged, low-waged, and
undervalued.  We are part of the 99%!

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